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We appreciate your interest in being a volunteer with West Thurston Regional Fire Authority. We want all of our potential volunteers to have a good understanding of our district requirements for volunteers; these requirements are put into place to ensure the safety of our volunteer and career staff as well as those in the community that we serve.

West Thurston Regional Fire Authority is an ever evolving volunteer fire department that is supported by career firefighters. We are offering opportunities in clerical service, public education, emergency medical care and fire suppression.


  1. Fill out the application thoroughly and accurately, by signing you are indicating everything on the application to be truthful to the best of your knowledge, and falsification of information will lead to removal from the application process.

  2. Take an in house written exam. The written test is to test your abilities in reading and basic math as it relates to fire service.

  3. Take an in house physical exam or produce a valid/ current CPAT card. The physical ability test consists of timed exercises that relate directly to fire service work.

  4. Complete an oral interview.

You may call 360.352.1614 with questions regarding requirements on your application.

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