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"Residents and business owners will see savings in their property insurance premiums."


A recent evaluation and assessment by the Washington Survey and Rating Bureau (WSRB) of the fire departments fire stations, apparatus, staffing levels, and training/emergency service delivery capabilities resulted in a substantial rating improvement from a protection class PPC5 to PPC4.


Effective December 1st, 2018 West Thurston Regional Fire Authority’s new Public Protection Classification Rating will increase from 5 to 4. Thus, making West Thurston Fire rated the highest amongst any of the (non-city) fire departments in the region. For the second time in just over three years, West Thurston Fire has improved the communities’ fire protection rating which will translate to homes and business owners in the region saving money on their fire insurance premiums.   


How is the Public Protection Classification determined?

To determine the community's Public Protection Classification (PPC™), the Washington Surveying & Rating Bureau (WSRB) conducted a field survey, sending expert staff to visit the community and the agency to objectively observe and evaluate features of West Thurston Fire. Four major areas were evaluated including fire suppression capabilities, emergency communications systems, the community's water supply system, and the community’s risk reduction efforts. 


The fire suppression capabilities are rated based on the fire department's first-alarm response and initial attack to minimize potential loss. 


Washington Surveying & Rating Bureau (WSRB)

WSRB is the principal Washington-based source of property underwriting and rating information for the insurance industry.

West Thurston residents are advised to inform their insurance company of the improved rating. A letter from WSRB can be found below or on the home screen. If you have questions regarding the recent rating improvements you can contact Chief Russ Kaleiwahea at (360)352-1614. 


Achieving a PPC4 rating is not easily accomplished, and it was through voter support to fund operational and administrative improvements that has resulted in the success of WTRFA’s re-rating. In a 158 square mile (primarily rural) region, it was estimated that WTRFA is rated in the top 10% of all fire departments in the State and one of largest geographical regions achieving a rating of PPC4.

We have been fortunate to have such great voter support for ballot propositions to increase staffing, build or remodel fire stations, and replace older less reliable fire trucks. The residents have recognized that collectively they are a partnership that owns all of the fire stations and apparatus and they employ Firefighter/Rescue and Emergency Medical personnel to take care of the communities' emergency service needs.”

- Fire Chief Russell Kaleiwahea

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