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West Thurston Regional Fire Authority

courage. compassion. community

It shall be the mission of West Thurston Regional Fire Authority to develop, operate and manage resources granted by the people of the region to preserve lives and property in our communities by providing services directed toward prevention, management and mitigation of fire, emergency medical, rescue, and disaster incidents.



This contact page is for NON EMERGENCY USE ONLY.

This contact form is intended for non-emergency use only.  If this is related to a fire-related emergency, medical emergency, rescue, or burn violation,  CALL 911 IMMEDIATELY, and we will be dispatched as soon as possible through the 911 call center to the incident's location.


Your safety is our highest priority!

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10828 Littlerock Rd SW, Olympia, WA 98512

​Tel: 360-352-1614              Fax: 360-352-1696​

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